Book Review: How to get ideas

Book review: How to get ideas

"How to get Ideas" by Jack Foster is an intersting book, with easy and simple language, anyone can read it easily and enjoy it! its an easy to digest book, you might get bored at the first chapter and a bit in the second, but after those two chapters things starts to get better.

There is lots of quotations and examples in this book, in a way that some are repititve and holds the same meaning.

The book have two main parts:

1- Ten ways to Idea-condition your mind:

in this part the writer talks about how you can start getting ideas by setting up your mind to get ones, you have to believe that ideas exeists every where, and that you never run out of them, you have to act like a child and have fun! you have to visuialize your success as its happening in front of you, and be courage, and always rethink your ideas, and learn how to combine, things you may get even better ones!

2- Five-Step method for producing ideas

- Define the problem

“The formulation of a problem,” wrote Albert
Einstein, “is often more essential than its solution"

- Gather information

"But you have to ask. And ask. And ask."

- search for idea

"Do something, for heaven’s sake. Don’t just sit there and
wait for an idea to come to you. Go after it. Work at it.
Search for it. Do it."

- forget about it

“Saturate yourself through and through with your
subject . . . and wait"

- Put the idea into action

"The truth is: There is no difference between (a)
having an idea and not doing anything with it and (b)
not having an idea at all."

Its a nice reading that i recommend for everyone who lacks inspiration or self confidence :D


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