Independence Day

Tomorrow 25th of May Marks jordan independence day, When the word "INDEPENDENCE" comes to my mind, i start thinking how nations commemorates their independence days, in mexico, at 11 p.m. on Sept. 15 when the president rings the historic liberty bell. Then he gives the "El Grito," shouting "Mexicanos, Viva Mexico." The crowd echoes back and then sings the national anthem.

Like the Mexicans, Peruvians begin their celebration on the night before their independence day, playing folk and Creole music in public plazas and parks. they also have 3 famous festivals on that day , those are : cockfighting, bullfighting, and Peruvian paso horse exhibitions.

In Australia popular events occur including a ferry race, a surfing race, and a tall ships race. Fireworks are also common, with the largest event – Lotterywest Skyworks along the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia – that has offered fireworks launched from skyscrapers, moving boats, and bridges.

In India, The prime minister's speech in New Delhi from the Red Fort, which had been the headquarters of the British Indian Army, represents the peak of festivities. Flag-hoisting ceremonies occur in state capitals, schools, and individual homes. Throughout the country, a popular tradition of flying kites has emerged and has actually become quite competitive as children and adults try to make each others kites fall to the ground or cut each others' kite strings.

Indonesians drape their capital city of Jakarta in the national colors of red and white. And various non-competitive sporting matches are commonly played this day. These include krupuk (shrimp chips) eating contests, a sack race called balap karung, and the popular game panjat pinang, which involves climbing palm trees greased with clay and oil to hopefully win a prize (such as a bike or TV) hung from the tree. Indonesians also use this time to clean, repaint, and improve their local neighborhoods in preparation for their Independence Day.

After all these information, only one thing comes to my mind :D that is "Independence Day" the movie starred by Well Smith, and how he celebrates the independence of the united states from some sticky green aliens by smoking a victory cigarette, and thats it :D

How do we in Jordan celebrate our independence day? i guess by sleeeeeeeping :)



  1. we (in Jordan) celebrate this day as we celebrate our weddings, graduation, winning elections, loosing elections!, birth of new babies, 6hoor for new babies and filling the car's fuel tank...

    we fire guns!!!


  2. Nice topic!
    In my case I have a final Exam on the Independence Day of Jordan as I had a presentation on the day of Al Adha ... simply I am not in Jordan.
    I suggest that everyone contributes to an online celebration ... at least to remind our home people and to make some kind of message about Jordan for others.

  3. @Mizo hehehe :D u r so true
    @Basel, yes we do :) Internet can change lots of ideas and teach new knowledge for those who r eager to learn more :)


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