Me Vs. Social Networks

It's been so long since my last blog post, but the past few months were full of events! i thought for so long what should i be writing about? all the stuff that happened? all the major events? but after thinking for a while i decided to write about social media, who is reading this blog and doesn't have an account on a social networking site whether it was Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Reddit, StumbleUpon, foursquare... etc

How much do you spend on these sites a day? are these sites more than enough to communicate with people? should we stop using the phone? or seeing each other face to face? as you can know all whats going on around you by setting behind your screen and clicking few clicks.

Social networking sites is a good idea to socialize for the west since their social relations are almost dead, they barely see or interact with each other, they don't have that strong family boundings, so its a good idea for them to interact and follow up on each other using these social networking sites, but lately i started to notice that these sites are replacing the real us.

So the new picture is i barely call a friend because i can write on her wall, i barely handshake a friend because i can poke anytime, i barely visit a friend because i can check in her house on foursquare from any where, i barely chitchat with a friend because i can follow her moves on twitter, i don't need to earn new friends because i can circle who ever i want, but hold on a second! is that how life goes?

Maybe its because due to my work nature, am a web developer so my day begins when the sun rises behind the screen , and ends when the sun goes down behind the screen, so what? my laptop & internet are my life! i can't imagine i can live without it for a single day..

Don't know if this is any one's case but me! but am enjoying it :)



  1. Social networks have been around enough for us to have learnt how to deal with them, to customize the way we use them, so the real question is, "why am I using them in a way that I think is wrong?"

  2. sometimes you just can't customize how you use them, the case is you set behind your laptop more than you set with people, so this interaction controls you, as i said earlier it might be due to my work nature..


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